The Gold Standard in Education; The Foundation of Our Community.

Argillite Elementary School of Distinction

Caught Being Proactive
Argillite Elementary School rewards good behavior.  Each time a student
 is caught performing a
good deed or exhibiting a good behavior teachers
staff write their name on a "tiger ticket" and place them into a
drawing. Each Friday we draw out 10 names and
those students are
 rewarded with a fun prize or activity!  Check out our weekly winners!
August 27 
     Reading for Education
     due 9/4 
August 31
     W.I.G. Day 
Sept. 2 
     Labor Day
     No School
Sept 4
     Book Fair
     Coin Drive
Sept 10
     Book Fair
Sept 20
     Picture Day 

Student Handbook


Guidelines for Success

Treat all people with respect

 Interact with kindness

Give our best effort

Encourage cooperation and safety

Reflect a positive attitude

Set goals

Mission Statement

The mission of Argillite Elementary School is to provide a dynamic, quality education in partnership with families and communities to empower students to excel in a global society.

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