The Gold Standard in Education; The Foundation of Our Community.

Argillite Elementary School of Distinction

Caught Being Proactive
Argillite Elementary School rewards good behavior.  Each time a student
 is caught performing a
good deed or exhibiting a good behavior teachers
staff write their name on a "tiger ticket" and place them into a
drawing. Each Friday we draw out 10 names and
those students are
 rewarded with a fun prize or activity!  Check out our weekly winners!
April 18th 

Evening with the Arts

4:30-7:30 pm GCHS

April 19th
     Easter Parties
April 25th
     5th Grade Cap
      and Gown Pictures 
April 30th
     Mid-Terms go Home 

Student Handbook


Guidelines for Success

Treat all people with respect

 Interact with kindness

Give our best effort

Encourage cooperation and safety

Reflect a positive attitude

Set goals

Mission Statement

The mission of Argillite Elementary School is to provide a dynamic, quality education in partnership with families and communities to empower students to excel in a global society.

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