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Wurtland Elementary Warriors
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Mr. Chris Ailster, Principal
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Wurtland Elementary Home

Wurtland Elementary School
May 2nd - 8th 
KPREP Prep Week
Mon. 4/24 "Get a Good Night's Rest" - Wear pajamas to school
Tues. 4/25 "U.K. Day" Derek Willis visit
Wed. 4/26 "Work Out Each Problem" - Wear work-out/gym clothes
Thurs. 4/27 "Rock the Test, Do Your Best" - Dress like a rock star
Fri. 4/28 Autism Awareness, "Light it up Blue" - Wear all blue
Mon. 5/1 "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" - Wear your favorite team clothing, hats, etc.

Lunch with a Leader

Throughout the week teachers keep a lookout for students that display leadership qualities in the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, etc.  As reward, one day out of the week, these students will have the opportunity to have lunch on the stage with a faculty member. 


Second Grade STEM Activities

 Second grade students at Wurtland Elementary have been participating in STEM Activites.  They focused on what makes a kite fly.  Students designed their own kite model.  On Thursday, March 9th, each student received their own donated kite and got to participate in learning to fly them. 
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5th Grade "It's Gonna be a Good Day"


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Wurtland Elementary Preschool Bakery

Preschool students had an exciting time researching and learning about bakeries and how they operate.  In the process, the students and preschool staff opened a bakery in their classroom.  They baked, decorated, bought and had donations of cupcakes and cookies.  The students passed out preschool bucks to every student and staff member and invited all of their friends at Wurtland Elementary to spend their money at the preschool bakery.  The preschool students enjoyed seeing their friends choose their favorite dessert. 
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 Wurtland Elementary
is a 2016
KPREP Proficient

Assembly Pictures

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Wurtland Elementary received a
rating for the 2013-14 KPREP Assessments!! 
gallery image 1Musketeer March Musketeer March

WES Upcoming Events


KPREP Testing - May 2nd - 8th 
     (Make up Days - May 9th - 12th) 
Talent Show - May 11th 
Beach Party Lunch - May 12th 
Inflatable Day - May 15th 
Track & Field Day - May 16th
5th Grade Zoo Trip - May 17th 
5th Grade Progression Ceremony -                                May 19th 
Last Day for Students - May 19th 

Student Handbook

School Improvement Plan

School Newsletter

Mission Statement

Wurtland Elementary will provide every student a quality education in an environment that enhances student achievement in academic, social, cultural and personal skills; thus allowing them to become responsible citizens throughout life.  The parents, staff, and community will work together to meet the individual needs of all students.

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