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Class Information 

ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS                                                                      1 Credit
(This course consists of the following two classes)

§         ADX 260         Electrical Systems                      .5 Credit

This course focuses on the theory and principles relating to automotive electrical/electronic components.

§         ADX 261         Electrical Systems Lab               .5 Credit

This course provides practical applications and experiences related to the theory and principles of automotive electrical/electronic components.


 ENGINE REPAIR                                                                                 1 Credit
(This course consists of the following two classes)

§         ADX 150         Engine Repair                            .5 Credit

This course provides a series of lectures and demonstrations on the fundamentals of engine repair, troubleshooting, and engine operation and maintenance.

§         ADX 151         Engine Repair Lab                      .5 Credit

This course provides practical experiences and applications relating to engine repair, inspections, troubleshooting and maintenance.


SUPENSION & STEER                                                                        1 Credit
(This course consists of the following two classes)

§         AUT 160         Suspension and Steering             .5 Credit

This course presents the automotive suspension system, the diagnosing of suspension problems, identifying components, recognizing tire wear problems, wheel balancing, and the use of alignment equipment.

§         AUT 161         Suspension and Steering Lab       .5 Credit

This course develops skill in the diagnosis and repair of automotive suspension systems, wheel alignment, and wheel balancing.


 BASICAUTOELECTRICITY                                                               1 Credit
(This course consists of the following two classes)

§         ADX 120         Basic Automotive Electricity        .5 Credit

This course introduces the student to the principles, theories, and concepts of the automotive electrical system that include the unique diagramming, coding and locating of wiring, and component devices.

§         ADX 121         Basic Automotive Electricity Lab   .5 Credit

This course is a hands-on class designed to allow the student to use the concepts, principles, and theories covered in Basic Automotive Electricity ADX 120 in practical application.


INDUSTRIAL SAFETY                                                                         .5 Credit
(This course consists of the following class)

§         ISX 100                      Industrial Safety

This course provides practical training in industrial safety. The students are taught to observe general safety rules and regulations, to apply work site and shop safety rules, and to apply OSHA regulations. Students are expected to obtain certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


BRAKE SYSTEMS                                                                               1 Credit
(This course consists of the following two classes)

§         AUT 110         Brake Systems                          .5 Credit

This course involves the operational theory and application of hydraulic and anti-lock brake systems; disc and drum brakes are discussed.

§         AUT 111         Brake Systems Lab                   .5 Credit

This course develops skills in the diagnosis and repair of hydraulic and anti-lock brake systems, covering both disc and drum type-braking systems.

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