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Frequently Asked Questions

 This page will answer questions commonly asked by students and parents.

  1. How do I change my schedule?
  2. What is our cell phone policy?
  3. Am I allowed to bring open containers into the building?
  4. Are there any tobacco products permitted at GCHS?


How do I change my schedule?

There will be no schedule changes made prior to the first day of school. If a schedule change is needed, you must first fill out the Schedule Change Application, which will be available after school starts and turn that in to the counseling office. All changes will require approval from GCHS administration. Changes will be evaluated based on the needs of the students and the availability of classes.

What is our cell phone policy?



Student possession of cell phones in the Greenup County High School is allowable subject to the following rules and regulations.

Though allowed, cell phones are a distraction and may become a tempting prohibition to students, which can result in disciplinary action and may include suspension and loss of academic learning time and the opportunity to make-up missed work.

With this in mind, the administration and the Board of Education request that if parents choose to allow their students to possess cell phones at school, please establish an understanding with them that, during school hours, all cell phones must remain turned off and in lockers, book bags or in vehicles. While in the school building, students are not allowed to have cell phones/electronic devices in their possession.

Additionally, the school prohibits the use of all communication devices that, in its opinion, have limited or no educational value or their use creates learner distraction and disruption. The school reserves the right to define the educational value of any new electronic wireless communication devices that may become available to the public in the future and to prohibit their use if they have little or no educational value or if such use creates learner distraction or disruption.

Possession of a cell phone by a student is a privilege, which may be forfeited by any student not abiding by the terms of this policy. This policy statement serves as a first warning, detailing the prohibitions and discipline, associated with Greenup County High School’s cell phone use policy.

Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their cell phones. The Greenup County High School shall not assume responsibility for theft, loss, or damage of a cell phone/electronic device, or unauthorized calls made on a cell phone.


A student may possess a cell phone on school property, at after school activities, and at school-related functions, if during school hours the cell phone remains off, concealed and secured in lockers, vehicles, or book bags during the academic day.

Camera phones are viewed as cameras, and are allowable only by the camera policy that is presently in place. The administration believes that picture phones can pose the same threats as cameras to freedoms of privacy, can exploit personal information through use, and can possibly create problems/issues in custody situations.

Am I allowed to bring open containers into the building?

No open cups, containers, cans or bottles are to be brought into the school. All alcoholic products are forbidden on school property. This includes non-alcoholic beer products as well.

Are there any tobacco products permitted at GCHS?

The possession or use of tobacco products is prohibited at all times on the GCHS campus.


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