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Math Resources

AAAMath- a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. (P)(I)(M) fun games for elementary skills practice (P) (I)
APlusMath- games for geometry and computation (I) (M)

Cool Math 4 Kids- interactive games on all math curriculum pk-5 (P) (I)

Cool Math Games - interactive games on all math curriculum 5-12. (I) (M) (H) answer multiplication facts, solve pre-algebra equations, battle world hunger.(I)(M)(H) 

Fuel The Brain - Great site to practice problem solving and apply skills to interactive games. (I)(M)(H)

Funbrain- Online math games for a variety of skill practice. (I)(M)(H)

Illuminations- Thinkfinity at the next level.  Interactive lessons for math k-12 (P)(I)(M)(H)

Illustrative Mathematics- Developed by Common Core Contributors. Great resources (P) (I) (M) (H)

LearningWave- k-12 online interactive explanations, practice questions, and examples. (I)(M)(H)

LearnZillion- k-12 lessons, interactives, practice probes, create your free account. (P) (I) (M) (H)

Math Blaster- Use your own avatar to conquer new lands... with math ofcourse (I) (M) (H)
Math Design Collaborative (MDC) - KDE's landing page for the MDC with links to access the Formative Assessment Lessons (FALS).  (P) (I) (M) (H) 

Math Game Time- Interactive games for all math strands of Common Core. (P) (I) (M) - Old school style games that practice essential skills. (P I M H)

Math Playground- arcade games that practice math skills. (P)(I)(M)(H)

Primary Games- Interactive games to practice by skill and grade. (P)(I)(M)
Sumdog- Fun site to play as a class or individual. (I) (M)
Wolfram Alpha - This is a computational knowledge engine that answers factual queries by computing the answer instead of providing a list of documents or webpages.  (P) (I) (M) (H) 
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