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Primary (P)
Intermediate (I)
Middle School (M)
High School (H)
Alliance for a Healthier Generation - A resource for Coordinated School Health  (P) (I) (M) (H)
Active Students, Active Minds - This is an initiative from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  It focuses on brain breaks for students.  (P) (I) (M) (H)
Council for Economic Education - Find economics resources here.  Check out EconEdLink. (P) (I) (M) (H)
Action for Healthy Kids - A resource for Coordinated School Health (P) (I) (M) (H)
Fuel Up to Play 60 - In-school nutrition and activity program sponsored by the NFL and the National Dairy Council.  (P) (I) (M) (H)
ILP Resources - This page from KDE provides resources for teachers, counselors, and parents.  (M) (H)
Financial Literacy & Personal Finance Resources - This page was created by KDE and has links to numerous websites that focus on financial literacy and personal finance.
GoNoodle - Looking for a brain break to help transition to your next lesson?  Try one of GoNoodle's free video clips that reenergizes students with a little physical activity.  (P) (I)  
Teach Train Love - This article provides a management video for brain breaks and a list of 20 video links to help fight fidgeting.  (P) (I)
Classroom Energizers - These are classroom-based physical activities that help teachers integrate physical activity with academic concepts.  (P) (I) (M)
Secondary Classroom Physical Activities - A list of ideas adapted from brain-based learning strategies meant to encourage mild physical activity during core content classes.  (I) (M)
Choose My Plate - Government website for healthy eating (P) (I) (M) (H) 
We Do Listen - A resource for the Howard B. Wigglebottom books.  Includes YouTube story videos, lesson plans, and activities.  (P) (I)
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