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Science Resources

AAAS Science Assessment - Free access to more than 600 items that assess student understanding and common misconceptions.  (M) (H)

Alternate K-PREP Aligned Science Standards - This is a resource guide that highlights the progressions of the science standards. (P) (I) (M) (H)
Animal Discovery-animal reports for all ages (P) (I)( M)
Argumentation Toolkit - Collection of resources designed to help teachers understand and teach scientific argumentation.  (P) (I) (M) (H) - endangered animals information (I) (M) (H) - easy & effective science lesson plans with free resources (E) (I) (M) (H) - body system interactive(M) (H)

Integrating Science Practices Into Assessment Tasks - Great tools to help design three dimensional assessment tasks. (I) (M) (H)

National Geographic for Kids  - free online magazine for students(P) (I) (M)


Science Kids- great activities for all ages (P) (I) (M) (H)


Weather Wiz Kids  hosted by a meteorologist for students to do research and try experiments. (I) (M) (H)

Wonderopolis- non fiction topics of the day (I) (M) (H)
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