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Social Studies Resources

A State Divided - Explore the Civil War through images.  (I) (M) (H) 
Famous People in American History- American History research for kids (I) (M) (H)
Discovery Education - Find social studies lesson plans and resources for all levels.  (P) (I) (M) (H) 

Houghton Mifflin In the News- free site to update hot topics and provide resources for global competency. (I) (M) (H) 

Library of Congress - A collection of more than 162 million items; the world's largest collection of legal materials, films, maps, sheet music and sound recordings.  (M) (H)
Lincoln: I, too, am a Kentuckian - All things b'Abraham Lincoln.  (P) (I) (M) (H)
Mission US - Multimedia game that teaches American History national standards.  (M) (H) 
National Council for the Social Studies - A collection of classroom activities, teaching ideas, and articles.  (P) (I) (M) (H) 
News Quiz - KET's weekly 15 minute current events program.  (I) (M) 
Smithsonian - Lesson plans, resources, and activities from the world's largest museum and research complex.  (P) (I) (M) (H) 
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