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 Assessment Websites/Apps
EdPuzzle - If you are interested in video streaming, you need to use this free site!  EdPuzzle allows you to set up classrooms and assign videos that you edit.  Teachers can crop out unnecessary parts at the beginning and end of the video.  You can add audio tracks, written comments, and quiz questions within the video and opt to prevent skipping through the video.  If you want to see this from a student's point-of-view, you can sign up as a student and use my classroom code: ejvA8y.  There are a variety of videos to choose from, preschool - high school.
 Verso - This is an assessment website and app that gives students the opportunity to learn both inside and outside the classroom.  Teachers create "flips", which are media-based challenges that pose high-level questions in which all students must respond to.  It fosters active engagement, collaboration, and feedback.  This is free to use!  If you would like to test it out as a student, you can go to and create a student account.  Then enter this code for my classroom: VHZM2W.  There are two "flips" to try.  I recommend the Praise - Mindset flip.
Grade Level Technology Resources
SMART Board Resources
 SMART Exchange There are over 24,000 SMART Notebook lessons on this site.  You can also find SMART Response question sets to use in the classroom.
TEQ SMART Board Lessons & Resources  This website has downloadable SMART Board lessons.
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